Case formulation-driven cognitive behavioral therapy


This chapter describes a case formulation-driven approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The chapter begins with an overview of the model of case formulation-driven CBT and a review of its empirical underpinnings. We describe each element of the model, illustrating our points with the case of ‘Alexa,’ who was treated by the second author when she was a graduate student in the University of Californi Berkeley Doctoral Clinical Science Training Program. The second author (C.L.B.) was supervised by the first author (J.B.P.). We conclude with recommendations for future directions of research and practice relating to case formulation. THE CASE FORMULATION-DRIVEN COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY MODEL The model of case formulatin-driven CBT appears in Figure 6.1. As shown in the figure, the therapist begins the process of case-formulation driven CBT by carrying out…

Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies